Production companies and talent agencies are usually always on the look out for the next big talent. And in Japan, agencies also look out for potential seiyuu talents. Recently, one of these companies, 81 Produce, conducted their 10th annual “Next Generation Seiyū Discovery Auditions”. The competition was won by a 9-year old girl from Osaka named Hikari Torio.


This is actually the first time the competition was held without any age restrictions, and the young seiyuu-aspirant wowed the judges and won several prizes along the way. For the vocal portion, she won the “JOYSOUND Prize” when she performed the Macross Frontier theme song, LION. She also won the  “Elementary School Prize” as well as the  “Special 10th Annual Commemorative Prize.”

Hikari Torio was visibly happy and was reportedly trying to hold back the tears when the winners were announced. Apparently, this is also her first time doing a seiyuu audition, and she revealed that she decided to do so because she was inspired by Aimi Tanaka’s performance as Umaru in Himouto Unaru-chan. It was also revealed that she will also be appearing on the TV show, “OHA SUTA.” Aimi Tanaka is also from 81 Produce, which conducted the contest, so who knows, maybe young Hikari could meet her hero in person someday?


All this at the age of NINE, and who knows? Maybe she could beat 15-year old JUNNA at becoming the youngest official Macross theme song singer in the future?

Source: Yaraon!