The relationship between Kuroko’s Basketball and J-Rock band, OLDCODEX, has been quite well documented. With the band being announced to once again perform the theme song for the upcoming Kuroko’s Basketball trilogy of movies, the band’s very own member, YORKE, has revealed new visuals for the movies, all of which are painted by the musician himself.

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The new OLDCODEX song for the film series is titled “The Experience.” The film trilogy will follow the events of the Winter Cup, which was also adapted into the TV anime.

Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s sequel spin-off manga, Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game, is also getting adapted into an anime film, and before the “Generation of Miracles” reunite together with Taiga to form Team Vorpal Swords and take on Team Jabberwock, the official website has revealed new character images for Kuroko, Akashi, Midorima, and Murasakibara, all of whom are wearing their Team Vorpal Swords uniforms.

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The first of the Winter Cup Compilation trilogy, Kuroko’s Basketball: Winter Cup Compilation ~Shadow and Light~ (Winter Cup Soushuu-hen ~Kage to Hikari~), will premiere this 3rd September, while the second film, ~Beyond the Tears~, will be premiering on 8th October, and the third film, ~Crossing the Door~, will be premiering on 3rd December. As for Extra Game, the movie will premiere in spring 2017.

Source: Animate Times