Pokemon are mysterious creatures, and sometimes, we really don’t know what makes them be. How can fire Pokemon breathe fire, how can Voltorb explode, and how can a Pikachu use Thunderbolt? Any good biology student or teacher will tell you that those secrets all lie within a Pokemon’s anatomy, and one artist is showing just that.

Japan-based American artist, Christopher Stoll, has made a name for himself when he did artwork which re-imagined Disney princesses as Avengers. Now, he has turned his focus on Pokemon, and it seems that he was really paying attention in Biology class.

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OK, so he might hate Rattata a whole lot more than most people…

Stoll has said that he is planning to do all 151 of the original Gen-1 Pokemon, and it really does seem that his work ain’t exactly over just yet. You can check out his DeviantArt page for more.

Source: Rocket News 24