There are two anime being highlighting the Izu Peninsula this season, and they are Love Live! Sunshine!! and Amanchu. While the latter has been far overshadowed by the former, the series has also actually shed the spotlight for the city of Ito and its surrounding areas.


Most of the scenes in Amanchu take place on the Eastern shore of the Izu peninsula, which of course is in the exact opposite shore  since Love Live! Sunshine!! took place on the Western shore. Based on the screenshots, it is quite evident that the staff for both anime worked really hard to recreate some of the locations.

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Thanks to Google Street View, we can now view a few of the locations featured in the anime, though we should also take note that most of the locations featured in the anime are actually quite far from one another. According to Crunchyroll’s Wilhelm Donko,

“Amanchu!’s locations occasionally deviate a bit from their real world counterparts – which by no means is a bad thing. At first glance,Amanchu! does not really seem like a show that would use a lot of real life locations, the rather unique looking school uniforms, the odd-looking cat, or the funny facial expressions add to that sentiment. Nonetheless, most of Amanchu’s locations are, in fact, based on real ones – though the show is ‘borrowing’ a lot of locations from different parts of the Izu Peninsula. For example, the shopping street shown in the second episode, which served as Pikrari’s way to school (she walked there), is in a completely different city as the train station from episode seven, which is also supposed to be within walking distance of her school. Most of the time, the anime takes place in Ito and its vicinity. The city has an estimated population of almost 70000, and is mainly known as a hot spring resort town. Another city that is often used in Amanchu is Atami, just a bit north of Ito, with a population of roughly 38,000.”

In other words, the staff pulled some artistic license to make the locations seem like they are near each other, when in fact, they are found in different cities and towns. The areas featured include Izukogen Station from episode seven, Kinomiya Station, Ito Marine Park, and Atami Ginza. The comparison shots were taken from episodes 1 – 9 of the anime.

Source: Crunchyroll