The story of Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic is set on a luxury cruise ship, and an advance screening in Japan for the film has finally been set. To make the screening much more exciting, they will actually be doing it on a real-life luxury cruise ship.


The screening event is called the Black Butler Cruising Party: That Butler, Sailing. It will be held for two days, from 14 – 15 January 2017. Since this is being held on a LUXURY Cruise Ship, the tickets won’t come cheap, as they cost about 19,800 yen! There is even a dress code (viewers must come in semi-formal attire) and they are also serving a full-course meal with French cuisine.


A commemorative CD and a special welcome card will be given to those who join the cruise, and as usual, they will also be selling Black Butler merchandise. Though hopefully, they won’t be resurrecting the dead on this cruise…

The film is slated to premiere in Japanese theaters on 21 January 2017, and will be set inside the luxury liner known as Campania, which seems to have a connection with resurrecting the dead.

Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic will be animated by A-1 Pictures, and will once again feature Daisuke Ono as Sebastian Michaelis, with Maaya Sakamoto reprising her role as Ciel Phantomhive.

Source: Kai-You