There is one collaboration that many in Japan wouldn’t even have dreamed of happening, and it’s between upcoming 3D CGI action film, Gantz:0 and comedy anime, Mr. Osomatsu. However, that collaboration is actually happening, and here’s proof:


The cover of the 8th October edition of CGWORLD magazine features the unthinkable crossover, which feature Gantz’s Jouichirou Nishi as all six Matsuno Sextuplet brothers, wacky pose and all!

Gantz:0 director, Keiichi Satou, oversaw the making of the cover, which was made by the same studio responsible for the movie, Digital Frontier. It was revealed that much of the staff are huge fans of the Mr. Osomatsu TV anime series.

As for the film itself, it adapts the manga’s Osaka arc, and will be making its Japanese premiere on 14th October 2016.

Source: Comic Natalie