November is a huge month for Pokemon, as not only will the new Sun and Moon games will be released, as well as a new expansion for the trading card game. In addition, it’s also the same month when the new Pokemon Sun and Moon anime will be premiering, and a brand new PV introduces us to some of the characters Ash will meet in the anime.

The video was first shown during an episode of the Pokemon variety show, Gathering in the Pokémon House?, and it introduces us to the new-look Ash, his classmates, Professor Oak’s cousin, Samson Oak, Professor Kukui, and Ash’s classmates. The Alola region starters are also featured in the video, as well as a look at Pikachu’s Z-Move.

The new anime is slated to premiere on 17 November 2016, and will feature Ash going back to school with Pikachu, as opposed to his usual adventures roaming whichever region he’s in.