After 20 years, the Pokemon Trading Card Game is still going strong. While card games come and go, the Pokemon TCG has proven to have a lot of staying power, with World Championships being an annual event, and the decks of the winners being released to the public.

To celebrate its 2-decade milestone, the Pokemon Company, in partnership with Japanese jewelers, Tanaka Precious Metals, is releasing a 24-karat gold Pikachu trading card, which is based on the original Pokemon TCG card of the franchise’s iconic electric mouse.


Hey, I still have that card! The paper English version at least (and I’m still quite active in Pokemon TCG too).

The card just weighs in at 11 grams, and like the original, the card ain’t really what you would consider powerful to use in a deck… unless you evolve it to a much more useful Raichu card that is. However, this one card costs a whole lot more than most of the solo cards you can buy at card shops or online, as it comes with a price tag worth 216,000 yen! In contrast, I bought a Mewtwo EX card (the one with X-Ball) for approximately 600 yen.


The card is slated for release in late December 2016, with pre-orders now open via  Pokémon Center Online here, or online retailer 7net here. Deadline for pre-orders will be on 7th November.  However, don’t expect that you will able to use this card in tournaments, as the gold Pikachu card is not allowed in official tournaments or competitive play. It would make an excellent display piece though.

Source: Rocket News 24