Comic-con has always been known for allowing its cosplayers a bit of freedom to cosplay what they want. However, for its first-ever Japanese edition, the Tokyo Comic-con has recently come under fire for one particular restriction, and that is the banning of male cosplayers from dressing up as female characters. In short, no traps allowed in the Tokyo Comic-Con.


The event’s official website has already posted its cosplay guidelines, and while a few of the bans like showing too much skin or transparent costumes which still show the private regions of a person’s body are actually very understandable, the ban on males cosplaying as females has been quite mind-boggling to some people outside of Japan, especially since female cosplayers are allowed to cosplay as male characters during Tokyo Comic-Con. In other words, traps are not allowed but reverse traps are.


However, this “trap ban” seems to be quite common in Japanese cosplay events, as there is quite a concern regarding unattractive males cosplaying popular female characters, though there are events, such as Comiket, which don’t impose such bans.

source: Tokyo Comic-Con official