The two main leads for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Honobu Yonezawa’s high school mystery novel, Hyouka, which was also adapted into an anime by Kyoto Animation, have been revealed. The two stars are none other than Kento Yamazaki and Alice Hirose.

Kento and Alice

Houtarou Oreki is played by Kento Yamazaki, who previously appeared as Kousei Arima in the live-action adaptation of Your Lie in April, while Alie Hirose, who plays female lead, Eru Chitanda, appeared as Aki Mikage in the live-action Silver Spoon film. This will be the third film that the two of them will be working together.

Ju-On: Black Ghost director, Mari Asato, will be at the helm of this film as its director, with the Hyouka movie being slated to premiere sometime in 2017. A casting call has been posted by the official website of Annaka City in Gunma Prefecture, which is looking for extras, as the movie films in the city on 6th April, and 14th – 16th April.

Source: ANN