Blizzard recently released an Overwatch comic to spread some holiday cheer to the game’s heroes. Titled Reflections, the online comic focuses on the British hero, Tracer. It not only had some Christmas cheer, but it also revealed that tracer is actually a lesbian! In fact, she even has a girlfriend named Emily.

This reveal is big because Tracer is actually Overwatch’s mascot character, and is front and center in many of the game’s promotions. She’s even featured in other Blizzard games like Heroes of the Storm. This is sort of like Nitroplus saying that their own mascot character, Super Sonico, is a lesbian. And yes folks, since its Blizzard itself which did the reveal, this is actually canon.

Blizzard actually announced back in 2015 that some of the Overwatch characters are actually LGBT. They then announced that they are revealing that one character is LGBT “soon.” Well, it does look like it is Tracer after all! But while many are cheering the fact that the peppy and happy Brit is lesbian, many shippers weren’t quite happy that she has a girlfriend. Sorry Tracer x Widowmaker shippers.

 Blizzard actually promised that there are multiple LGBT characters. Because of this, many fans are wondering who will be revealed next.