Japanese social networking and instant messaging app, Line, has previously turned some popular seiyuu into cute superdeformed/ chibi versions of themselves as part of their Seiyuu Stamp sticker set. And now, those cute chibi versions of them are getting turned into cute plush keychains!

These new seiyuu plush keychains will be available via the Sega Online Shop for 2,000 yen, and will be ready for release by March 2017. The seiyuu getting their own cute little plush keychains are:

Hiroshi Kamiya

plush4 plush5 plush6

Toru Furuya


Nobunaga Shimazaki


Hikaru Midorikawa


Sega will also be releasing a set of 10 7cm tin badges featuring several Line Sticker versions of popular seiyuu.


Source: ANN