Toshiba has revealed a brand new refrigerator designed to keep vegetables fresher for a longer period of time. They call this new fridge the “Vegeta”, and because of its name, they chose a certain Saiyan Prince to endorse it.

Yes folks, Vegeta himself is promoting the new Toshiba Vegeta refrigerator. Toshiba is also running a special promotional campaign with Vegeta, and it includes a twitter and instagram contest.

The contest runs from 1st December until 28 February 2017, which means that it is currently ongoing. Participants can win free vegetables once a month for three months (15 winners), an okinomiyaki spatula set, (15 winners) or both (3 winners). They can participate by tweeting about the campaign with the hashtag, #東芝VEGETAレシピ for the free veggies, and #東芝ベジータレシピ for the Okonomiyaki spatula set.

 Dragon Ball mangaka, Akira Toriyama, is well known for his weird naming sense. Several characters in Dragon Ball, like Kakarot (Goku) and Raditz have vegetable-themed names. Of course, Vegeta himself is named after the word vegetable. Toriyama also named other characters after food, like Gohan and Beerus. He also named other characters after food-related appliances, like Frieza and Cooler.

And here I am just wondering if that fridge has a Frieza… I mean freezer. Does it also have a Cooler? I’m also wondering how much Kakarot, Napa, and Raditz you can store in the Vegeta fridge… And how many bottles or cans of Beerus can you keep inside this fridge?

source: 0takomu