The official twitter page for the Japanese figure brand, FIGUREX, has finally posted a preview of the life-size statue of Re:Zero’s Rem. They might not have revealed her face just yet, but based on the details so far, the figure will look amazing.

FIGUREX will be releasing her in August 2017, and will cost a whopping 1,480,000 yen! However, that’s even before they add the tax, so expect the final price to be around 1.6 million yen. They also announced that they will be holding pre-orders from 24th December until 2nd February. She measures in at approximately 149cm.

 FIGUREX is a company known in Japan for releasing life-size anime figures to the public. Rem is just the latest addition to their line of life-size figures, which include the Osomatsu sextuplets and Non Non Biyori’s Renge. Now, if only I could get that much money by February 2017…

source: @figurexjp