After her brief stint as a weather girl, renowned voice actress Aki Toyosaki is now also a character designer. The seiyuu who voiced Yui Hirasawa from K-On has recently designed a new character for the NHK children’s TV anime, Puchi Puchi Anime.

They are officially calling the Aki Toyosaki-designed character as Unicorn Kyupi. The character is a kitchen sprite that cleans dirty pots and pans with its body. However, it also has a rival named Harigorou that tries to stop it from cleaning them.

Unicorn Kyupi, as well as Harigorou, will be joining the anime starting March 2017. Puchi Puchi Anime is a 5-minute children’s anime short airing on NHK every morning and afternoon.

So, Aki Toyosaki is not only a seiyuu, but is also a guitarist, a singer, a model, a weather girl, and now a character designer. Hey, it really wouldn’t surprise me if she announces that she’s running for Japan’s Diet (parliament) next!

Source: NHK official