After weeks of voting, the official Love Live website has now announced the results for their Love Live Sunshine Global Elections. These elections determined which AQOURS member would individually represent one of nine countries.

These nine countries include Singapore and Thailand, along with the US, Taiwan, China, Australia, UK, Germany, and South Korea. The official website held the elections from from 18 November until 18 December, and was open to everyone. And now, without further ado, here are the results:

Chika Takam: Taiwan

Riko Sakurauchi: Germany

Kanan Matsuura: Australia

Dia Kurosawa: Singapore

You Watanabe: China

Yoshiko Tsushima: UK

Hanamaru Kunikida: hailand

Mari Ohara: USA

Ruby Kurosawa: Korea

According to the official website, the chosen image girl for each country will act as their own Love Live representative. For Singapore, the fans chose Dia Kurosawa to be the image girl. The School idol-loving student council president certainly looks like a good fit for Singapore, huh?

Meanwhile, for Thailand, the fans chose Hanamaru Kunikida. The innocent-yet-outgoing first year certainly has a connection with the country known for its tradition and lots of temples… since Hanamaru lives in one.

Meanwhile, the United States chose hotel mogul, Mari Ohara, as their representative. The US choosing a hotel mogul to win an election certainly sounds eerily familiar, ain’t that right Donald?

Each chosen image girl will also be appearing in various promotions for their assigned country. New illustrations representing each country will also feature their respective image girl.

Source: Love Live! official