Hitman Reborn mangaka, Akira Amano’s latest work, ElDLIVE, got an anime adaptation this season, and the celebrations include a special exhibition in Kyoto. Called the “NEW Akira Amano Exhibition in Kyoto”, it will be featuring both ElDLIVE and Hitman Reborn.

Exhibitions like these usually have exclusive merchandise for fans, and Akira Amano has certainly prepared something special. The mangaka himself designed special yukata for the event, and they are also selling them!

The exhibition will be selling these yukata exclusively, along with other Akira Amano merchandise, like fans and wall scrolls.

The exhibition will also be displaying 120 key animation frames. There will also be an elDLIVE round table discussion, as well as a REBORN 10th-anniversary cast event. The Kyoto University of Art and Design will be hosting the event from 20th January until 12th February 2017.

Source: Comic Natalie