Makoto Shinkai’s your name is a huge international success. The film is currently China’s highest-grossing Japanese-made movie ever, and currently the most successful Japanese animated film in history. The film is such a huge success, that the Japanese government is helping organize a tour for foreign anime tourists!

The official your name tour will include several of the film’s locations in Gifu and Tokyo. The tour is a collaboration between the Japanese government’s Cool Japan Initiative and Tokyo’s Anime Tourism Association. They have opened an official website as well. It is available in several languages, including English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Thai, and Malay.

Visiting the real-life locations depicted in the hit anime film “Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa)” in the Hida region of Gifu and Tokyo.

Many places in Japan serve as settings for anime and manga. The purpose of this tour is to bring foreign tourists to personally experience and enjoy the interesting sites of Japan, and to provide insightful feedback for the facilitation of tourist transportation systems in the future. Therefore, it is recommended to watch the film before joining to get the most out of this tour.

The tour is part of the Cool Japan Project’s initiative, which involves 32 companies and organizations. Here are the details of the tour:

[ Tour Duration ]

5 or 6 days between 1 March (Wednesday) and 30 April (Sunday) 2017 (depending on departure location)

[ Number of Participants ]

30 people from all participating countries (Minimum 5 pax per tour)
One application per individual.
In the event that large numbers apply, participants shall be chosen at random.

[ Application Period ]

20 January to 28 February 2017. Departure date may vary depending on tour operator.

[ Rules and Regulations ]

Acceptance of the following Rules and Regulations is compulsory to participate in this tour.
(1) Must be cooperative in answering surveys and attending feedback sessions.
(2) Must be able to participate in all programs from start to finish.
(3) Must be willing to travel by public bus and on foot during the tour.
(4) Must be willing to share rooms (segregated by gender).
(5) While travel cost is FREE, additional payment may be required if sharing a room is not possible.
(*)As mentioned in the Rules and Regulations, the cost of the tour program, feedback sessions and survey is free.

[ Included in Travel Cost ]

Transportation fares while on the tour (normal unreserved seats), accommodations, and prepared meals (consumer tax included) throughout the stipulated tour period. (Unused costs will not be refunded to participants).
Personal travel (to assembly and drop-off points) and other expenses (additional food & drinks, etc.) are not included in Travel Cost.

[ Accommodations ]

Regarding the accommodation facilities of this tour, some do not have agreements with JTB.
However, travel insurance shall be provided according to JTB standard criteria.

Interested applicants can head to the official website to answer a survey and submit their applications. They will be e-mailing the chosen applicants three days after they have completed the survey and submitted their application.