Imagine having a cute maid be your trainer as you pump iron in the gym? Now, you can build muscles while having a cute maid help you out with Akihabara’s new MAID GYM!

The new project puts a maid cafe-like twist to working out at the gym. A crowdfunding project on Japanese website, Campfire, actually made it all possible. It reached its goal in over a month, and funding is still coming in! Maids offer one-on-one assistance as you lift weights and work out, as seen in their PR video:

Their opening date hasn’t been announced yet, but it can be found “in an area within walking distance of Akihabara.” This means that right after working out, you can also load up on more protein in the nearby maid cafes. Membership costs 10,000 yen, while 50-minute sessions cost 7,500 yen.

The prices may be high, but a cute girl cheering you on as you train is priceless! But if you think about it, the prices are actually comparable to hiring a personal trainer. In addition, all the maids are also trained in handling gym equipment, so you know that they know what they’re doing.

Because gym equipment take up a lot of space, the Maid Gym will also be limiting the numbers of patrons at a time. Only 1 – 3 people are allowed to work out at a time.

Oh, and they also launched their own Facebook page, which you might want to check out…

Source: Rocket News 24