Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon maid by Kyoto Animation came into the new winter season with a ton of hype, and they have so far managed to deliver. This anime may feature fantasy creatures like dragons, but did you know that it also features some real-life locations? Thanks to the power of Google Street View and Google Maps, they’ve finally found them!

Dragons may not be real (or are they?), but Koshigaya Station is very much real. You can find this very station along Tobu Railway’s Tobu Skytree Line.

The anime also features the Koshigaya area quite prominently. Not only does it feature Koshigaya Station a lot, but also Koshigaya Twincity Mall and other landmarks. The shopping arcade is actually non-existent, but they still found the area where it’s around as well.

The anime also featured Tohru and Kanna learning to play the seesaw. It resulted in them catapulting each other to the sky. They not only found the playground, but thanks to Google Maps, they also found the aerial shot. Like most of the anime, you can find the playground in the Koshigaya area as well.

As for Miss Kobayashi’s workplace, she actually works in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward. You can find the area where her office is near Higashi-Nihombashi Station. However, that area isn’t actually an office building, but a restaurant called Chicken Place. It seems like Kyoto Animation really took some artistic licence with her office area, huh? There are also some scenes featured in a restaurant called “Izakaya”.

And finally, the anime revealed that Tohru has a lot of apprehensions when it comes to human castles. They featured a castle in the anime, and it looks a lot like the Crusader castle in Syria, Krak des Chevaliers.

So fans of the anime, you know where to head now! Just don’t go to Syria, please!

images from Crunchyroll