Back in 2015, A-1 Pictures released the animated film, Anthem of the Heart, which made people cry just like AnoHana. Now, the anime film is getting itself a live-action movie adaptation, and we now have its first trailer!

The film stars Sexy Zone idol group member, Kento Nakajima as the male lead,  Takumi Sakagami. He is then joined by female lead, Kyoko Yoshine, who plays Jun Naruse. The film also stars Anna Ishii as Natsuki Ito, while Kanichiro plays Daiki Tasaki. Aside from the trailer, the staff also revealed a new visual, which feature the four leads.

The staff also revealed a photo of Kanichiro (Daiki Tasaki), Kyoko Yoshine (Jun Naruse), Anna Ishii (Natsuki Nito) together in costume. Since Johnny & Associates manages lead star Nakajima, the staff excluded him from the image as well as the trailer. This is because his agency does not allow internet media to use their idols’ photos or videos.

Naoto Kumazawa, who directed the live-action Kimi ni Todoke film, is directing this one. The film will premiere on 22nd July.