We all have our anime-related merchandise, from posters to neckties. One politician in particular, Japan’s Reconstruction Minister Masahiro Imamura, seems to have a bit of a connection with Evangelion. The Reconstruction minister recently made the headlines for a heated exchange during a press conference, alongside his Evangelion necktie.

Minister Imamura is in-charge of Japan’s reconstruction efforts for the 2011 earthquake. However, things got a bit testy when a reporter accused him that he doesn’t understand what was really going on. The reporter also told Imamura that he should take responsibility for those voluntary evacuees. The minister even told the reporter to “Shut up”. But despite things really heating up, that’s not what the press really focused on…

It actually turns out that Gainax’s Fukushima office, which was affected by the 2011 earthquake, gave him that tie. And as Imamura was excited to promote the companies struggling in the region, he chose to wear it. He also wore the tie a few times before, and even shared that it makes his grandchild embarrassed. But then again, it does help if a government minister wears something to promote a struggling region, right? Well, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

And yes, he actually admitted that he watches Evangelion too!

Source: Abema Times