Playing video games is always fun, be it on console, PC, or even your own smartphone. It can relieve stress, and of course, boredom. However, playing too much can also be disastrous, as one Japanese man proves. Apparently, he claims that his wife left him because he was spending too much time playing Dragon Quest.

Japanese TV show Ie, Tsuite Itte Ii Desuka, recently featured a 43 year-old systems engineer, who revealed that Dragon Quest got in the way of his relationship with his family. The show asked the man called “Kacho” to appear in the show, then they went with him to his apartment. Once in his home, “Kacho” revealed that it’s full of Dragon Quest memorabilia.

“Kacho” also revealed that someone broke into his home and stole several Dragon Quest items. These include his Metallic Slime PS4, a Dragon Quest 3DS unit, and even two tickets to a Dragon Quest concert. This is why he has now added an extra lock added to his door.

He then revealed that he patterned one of his characters after his own 14-year old daughter. He then said that “I used to look after my kid until I started gaming too much.” But then, he added that playing too much may have been the reason why his wife left him. “Kacho” also revealed that they’ve now been divorced for four years, and admitted he tried getting custody of his daughter. However, he lost the case and hasn’t seen her since. He admitted that he didn’t actually tried hard to get in touch, though said that he really wanted to see her.

The Dragon Quest fan also admitted that he’s “lonely because my child is gone due to the divorce”. However, he did add that “As for my life, it’s more enjoyable compared to then.”

And then, the cameraman said that it’s possible that his daughter is still playing Dragon Quest X. To this, he replied “Yes, that’s possible”. Then, the cameraman asked if it’s possible that they might meet up in the virtual world. “Kacho” then replied “That’s possible. If she’s playing, there’s a chance we’ll meet online.”

When the episode aired, many around the Japanese messaging boards found his life to be quite sad indeed. However, he just keeps on gaming and doing what he does.

Source: Kotaku