When we say Mr Osomatsu is everywhere in Japan, we’re certainly not kidding because the Matsuno Sextuplets are getting their very own PS Vita unit! This is all for Idea Factory’s upcoming PS Vita game, Osomatsu-san The Game Hachamecha Shuushoku Advice: Dead or Work.

This Japan-region PS Vita unit comes in Glacier White, and also features all six Matsuno brothers. It also comes with a special Mr Osomatsu theme, as well as special packaging.

Sony Japan’s official online store is now accepting pre-orders for this unit, which costs 28,450 yen. They will then release it alongside the upcoming game on 29th June.

But if you already have a PS Vita unit, fret not, because the game’s Japanese version will come in both standard, special, and limited editions. The standard edition costs 6,804 yen, while the limited edition costs 8,964 yen. Finally, the special edition costs 13,284 yen, and comes with a B3-size cloth poster, an illustration booklet, four acrylic key chains, four tin key chains, and a mini-tote bag. There’s also a Digital standard edition, which costs 6,264 yen to download.