OreImo creator, Tsukasa Fushimi, has a new anime out this season called Eromanga Sensei. Like OreImo, the anime also focuses on siblings, but this time, it has also takes a look at the Japanese light novel industry. For light novels, bookstores usually serve as Ground Zero, as authors compete for sales and the hearts of fans.

In the anime, light novel author and Sagiri’s big brother, Masamune, usually hangs out in Takasago Books. His old friend and classmate, Tomoe Takasago, usually runs it too. And now, with the anime’s Blu-Ray Volume 1 getting released, GAMERS Osaka actually transforms itself to Takasago Books.

Gamers Osaka also features a standee of Tomoe herself, both inside and outside of the store. They even have the fictional store’s “Tomoe’s Recommendation Corner”. This contains light novels written by Elf Yamada, Muramasa Senju, and of course, Masamune himself.

This is all to promote the anime’s Volume 1 release, which hits the shelves on 28th June. Volume 1 will contain the first two episodes, with the DVD edition costing 6,000 yen, while the Blu-ray costs 7,000 yen.

source: MoCa News