The Gundam portal site,, has revealed a brand new video for the upcoming 5th Gundam the Origin film. The 5th film, titled Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin V: Clash at Loum, premieres on 2nd September, and now has a new trailer. This new trailer previews the story, as well as reintroduces some very familiar faces.

The Loum arc focuses at the story of The Battle of Loum, as well as how it affected Side 7, where Amuro lives. The battle first introduced the ferocity of the new weapons known as Mobile Suits, and also set the violent tone for the rest of the war. The first part, Clash at Loum, premieres 2nd September, while the second part,  “Rise of the Red Comet,” premieres 2018.

Meanwhile, also started streaming the sixth episode for Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt. However, they will only show it for a limited time, so better hurry. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything, and we’ve also got you covered.