Traditional Japanese flair meets modern and trendy coffee, as Starbucks will be opening a unique cafe in Kyoto. This is because the coffee giant is going to have its very first tatami-style cafe in the old capital.

They will be opening this unique store along the historic Ninenzaka street, in a city known for ancient Japanese traditions. In fact, they are even using a traditional Japanese townhouse that’s about a century old. Starbucks painstakingly focused on the traditional Japanese details of the shop. As seen in the image above, it even has a Starbucks noren at the entrance. And it’s quite big too, as at has two floors, with the second floor boasting three tatami-style rooms. Patrons will have to remove their shoes when they enter either of these rooms, much like traditional Japanese tea houses. And once they enter, they can now sit on the tatami mats and zabuton cushions to complete that traditional Japanese vibe.

Meanwhile, the ground floor boasts a bar counter and three courtyards, each with gardens and unique stone water basins, known as tsukubai. It also retains its original daibei-style walled fence. Here’s what the original building looked like before Starbucks took over:

Not much changes on the outside, huh? Looks like Starbucks is dead serious about keeping its authentic and traditional Japanese feel. Officially known as Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Tea Parlor, it will have its grand opening on 30th June.

Source: Spoon Tamago