Light novel author, NisiOisin made a name for himself through wonderful stories, unforgettable characters, and of course, his signature wordplay. His works like the Monogatari series, Medaka Box, and Kabukiri Cycle have pretty solid fanbases too. Now, a new exhibition called the “NisiOisin Dictionary Exhibition” will be celebrating his unforgettable works.

Tokyo’s Matsuya Ginza department store 8th floor event space will be holding the exhibition from 27th July until 7th August 2017. After that, the exhibition will then head to Osaka’s Daimaru Shinsaibashi department store from 9th-24th August.

The exhibition will not only feature exhibits highlighting NisiOisin’s unique writing style, but a few artworks as well. These include works from people who worked with the author, including Monogatari illustrator, VOFAN. It will feature unforgettable NisiOisin works, which include Juuni Taisen, Medaka Box, Shounen Shoujo, Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku, Imperfect Shoujo, Kanukiri Cycle, and of course, his iconic Monogatari series.

Kinda makes you wonder if he’ll do his infamous wall of texts too, huh? Also, it makes you wonder whether how many puns he will include, as he’s quite infamous for them.

source: Comic Natalie