In the Gintama TV anime, Kouichi Yamadera plays Gintoki’s teacher, Shouyou Yoshida. And now, it looks like he’ll be reprising his role, but not for the anime adaptation. According to the official live-action Gintama Twitter Account, Yamadera will also be playing the character for the live-action film itself. They also revealed new still images of Yoshida with his students, including a young Gintoki, Katsura, and Takasugi of course.

Those who are familiar with Hideaki Sorachi’s manga, as well as its anime adaptations, know that Yoshida taught the trio. He founded the Shoka Sonjuku school, where Gintoki met Katsura and Takasugi. However, the Jouin War happened, and separated the trio. You can check out the character trailers here:

This 4th-wall destroying live-action film will be making its premiere on 14 July 2017. Shun Oguri stars as Gintoki Sakata, while Masaki Suda plays Shinpachi Shimura. Actress Kana Hashimoto plays the feisty alien powerhouse, Kagura. The movie also stars Masami Nagasawa as Shinpachi’s sister, Tae Shimura, as well as Tsuyoshi Muro as Gengai Hiraga. Tsuyoshi Domoto is also part of the movie as the deadly samurai terrorist, Shinsuke Takasugi. As for the Shinsengumi, they include Yuuya Yagira as Toshiro Hijikata, as well as Ryo Yoshizawa as Sougo Okita. Actor Kankurou Nakamura VI plays the Shinsengumi commander, Isao Kondo, who’s also Tae Shimura’s stalker.