We are super excited to attend C3 AFA Jakarta — the biggest anime, cosplay, and anisong event in Indonesia! Slated for the 18th to the 20th of August 2017 at the JIEXPO in Kemayoran, we have a long list of things we wanna see — including booths from major Japanese exhibitors, meet and greet events with our favourite cosplayers, plus a chance to see the best anisong artistes at the I Love Anisong concert!

With so many things to do, how can we cross all those things off our list? Well, as a veteran con-goer — with cons in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia under our belt (my belt, to be exact), we’re pretty sure we know a thing or two about surviving a massive con with your sanity intact. We can’t really say the same for your wallet — but that’s part of the fun, right? Let’s get started!

1) Ticketing

C3 AFA Jakarta tickets are sold online via loket.com — which makes it easy and convenient to buy tickets. Locals can pay via supported payment methods such as BCA KlikPay, while international visitors can pay via credit card. Don’t wait til the last minute to buy tickets, since ticketing tiers increase in price the closer it is to the event day. Purchase promptly to avoid disappointment!

2) Queueing

Queueing is a fact of life for anime fans, so you might as well make it a little easier on yourself. Wear cool, thin clothes with breathable material — leave the leather jeans and fur-lined coat at home. Also wear practical, comfortable shoes — high heels and platform boots are not the best choice for waiting in line. Carry an umbrella to shade yourself from the sun’s heat, and bring just enough water to tide you over til you get inside, as outside food and drink are prohibited for everyone’s safety.

3) Floor Plan and Scheduling

Check out the floor plan and stage schedule online if you can, or grab one of the event guides they pass around at the exhibition hall entrance. Make a hit list of the booths you want to visit, or the stage events you want to attend. Be flexible enough to go with a plan B or plan C if your top priority doesn’t work out. Also, be polite and considerate to your fellow attendees — don’t run or shove people aside at the event.

4) Budgeting

Okay — this is a tough one, but it has to be addressed: the main thing is plan your purchases ahead of time! Make sure you have enough saved up to buy your Holy Grail (and a little bit more for some nice extras); if you don’t then save a little bit more from your daily expenses, or try to get a quick part time job. There’s still plenty of time to save a bit more money til the con!

5) Having Fun!

This is the most important part — have fun! Check out all the booths, try to attend some cosplay Meet and Greet sessions, see your favorite voice actors at the Main Stage, and scream your heart out at the I Love Anisong concert! Whether it’s your first con in or your sixth, each C3 AFA Jakarta is different, so always make the most of every experience!

Are you looking for even more reasons to come to C3 AFA Jakarta?! Check out the official website for more information at c3afa.com/jakarta17! Want to make sure you get the best seats in the house?! You can also get early bird 2-day VIP tickets via Loket!

● Event Information

18 – 20 Aug 2017
JIEXPO Jakarta, Indonesia

Official Website: c3afa.com/jakarta17
Online Ticketing: loket.com