Prepare for more cheap Japanese candy goodness, because Shonan Sunday’s combined 37th/38th issue has announced a second season for Kotoyama’s Dagashi Kashi manga. The announcement also confirms that the new anime will premiere sometime in 2018 via TBS.

However, fans should expect that this new season will look slightly different from the first season. This is because Shonen Sunday also revealed a few major staff changes. Tezuka Productions will now take over animation production from Studio feel. However, Studio feel. will still be involved in the anime, but only doing background cooperation. In addition, Satoshi Kuwabara will now be taking over directorial duties from Shigehito Takayanagi. As for character design, Nana Miura will now be taking over for Kanetoshi Kamimoto.

But even with that major staff shake-up, the magazine promised that Ayana Taketatsu will reprise her role as Hotaru. However, they still didn’t confirm whether the other cast members are also returning.

source: 0takomu