Sometimes, when studying, it’s better to associate what you’re studying into what you like to make it more interesting. This is what twitter user @10_foOo_wim did to some philosophers for an entrance exam. The student was having trouble with philosophy and ethics, so what did the student do? Visualise the philosophers into cute super-deformed anime-style characters of course!

Using a 100 yen craft notebook, the student re-imagined then famous philosophers. In total, @10_foOo_wim drew 126 famous philosophers for the notebook. And yes, this is all to study for an upcoming entrance exam!

René Descartes (top left), Blaise Pascal (bottom left), John Locke (top right) and George Berkeley (bottom right)

Soren Kierkegaard and Karl Jaspers

St. Thomas Aquinas

Immanuel Kant

Baruch Spinoza

And it looks like these anime-style visual aids helped a lot for the exam. This is because @10_foOo_wim’s practice exam scores went from 50 to 80 after doing the illustrations. Now that’s effective studying! He then said that “They made studying fun, and I really recommend this for people who like to draw.”

Source: Rocket News 24