It looks like things are going bad for the live-action Jojo’s Bizarred Adventure film. After struggling with its debut week in its 5th place, the film then slid to 11th place in its second week. The film’s official title is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter I. However, because of its mediocre performance in the box office, we might not get to see Chapter II.

While the film has “Chapter I” in its title, the film’s staff hasn’t confirmed if there will be a “Chapter II” yet. However, they have been setting their sights on a sequel by just simply putting that “Chapter I” in its title.

A few insiders have said that they might do “Chapter II” if the sales were great. But because of the mediocre sales it’s getting right now, these same insiders are now saying that it’s now “unattainable”.

The film, which came in with so much hype, only earned 166 million yen on 117,000 admissions last weekend. This may be a huge disappointment for the film’s producers, who are banking on the popularity of Araki’s manga to deliver. Many fans have blamed the character visuals for the film, which the staff released prior. Some have said they looked “weird”, while others have said they weren’t “appealing” enough. As for its reviews, many fans actually liked it, though general reviews are still mixed.

Jojo has proven to be one of the most popular manga to come out of Japan in history. However, as its live-action film adaptation’s box office performance has proven, it’s not enough.

Source: Oricon News