Madoka Yonezawa made a name for herself when she voiced Yui’s capable sister, Ui Hirasawa, in K-On!, Now, the seiyuu has revealed in her blog that she is now married. In that same post, the K-On seiyuuu also revealed that she’s now also pregnant.

Yonezawa revealed that she married her long-time boyfriend last year, and now, they’re expecting their first child. As for her husband, she said that her husband is a normal company employee.

She then thanked her fans, who she says she feels indebted to. The seiyuu also added that she plans to continue her career as a seiyuu despite her marriage and pregnancy.

As for her roles, Madoka Yonezawa also voiced Setsuna Ogiso in White Album 2. She also voiced Genshiken: Second Generation’s Kumiko Yabusaki, as well as Another’s Izumi Akazawa.