Many think that Sword Art Online’s Alicization arc may not get an anime adaptation due to how long it is. However, as the anime’s Rental DVD version gets its release, it showed a teaser near the end of the film. Fans started talking about this teaser because it certainly hints at the anime entering the Alicization arc.

The Alicization Arc from Reki Kawahara’s light novels happens right after the Mother’s Rosario Arc. As for Ordinal Scale, the film itself is said to happen after Mother’s Rosario and before Alicization. The teaser acts as as a bridge between the film and the upcoming arc.

And with the release of the teaser, it certainly has Sword Art Online fans up in arms. The arc itself lasts for a whopping 11 volumes, from Volume 9, all the way to volume 19. This makes the arc longer than all of SAO’s previous story arcs combined. This also makes fans wonder if they are indeed planning to adapt it, how? Will they split it into two 25-episode seasons? Will they have one huge 50-episode season which lasts a year? Or are they just teasing and not actually planning to adapt it? The teaser certainly raised a lot of questions for fans of the series.

However, while we only have a teaser suggesting the anime entering the arc, the staff still hasn’t revealed anything concrete. This means that unless they make an official announcement, we can only speculate.

Source: Yaraon!