The Beijing Starlit Movie and TV Culture will be adapting the classic Konami video game for arcade and NES, Contra. Their adaptation will be a live-action film, as well as a TV drama, with China’s film bureau already approving three scripts. Beijing Starlit Movie and TV Culture is also planning to release the live-action adaptation overseas.


“Chen Qiang and Li Zhiyong investigate but come up empty handed. 29 years later, Chen sends commandos Bill and Lance into a combat mission there to neutralize the villainous Red Falcon Organization, but end up facing a different enemy altogether.”

In the Japanese release, the game in the year 2633, where two heroes fight the terrorist Red Falcon Organization on the fictional Galuga archipelago near New Zealand. However, it has a different story to the Western release, which follows , Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer and Lance “Scorpion” Bean. In the Western story, the heroes fight an alien menace on an unnamed island in South America in contemporary times. The new live-action adaptation will take elements from both versions into its story.

Konami, the same company behind the Metal Gear franchise, released the game in arcades back in 1987. For this live-action adaptation, they are teaming up with the Chinese company to produce both works.

Source: Game Watch and China Film Insider