Ladies and gentlemen, Issei is back, and surely enough, he’s still aiming to become the Harem King! This is because the new and upcoming 4th season of High School DXD, titled “HERO”, has revealed a brand new PV and Key Visual.

And if the characters look different, that’s because High School DXD has a new studio, as well as a new character designer. Passione will be taking over the animation production for the series, which TNK previously produced. Meanwhile, its new director is Yoshifumi Sueda, and he’s taking over for Tetsuya Yanagisawa. Finally, Love Hina’s Makoto Uno will be acting as the series’ new character designer.

Tetsuya Yanagisawa previously directed all three previous TV anime seasons over at TNK. The series gained a reputation as one of the most famous ecchi anime around through this run. And yes, expect Issei to shout his favorite word a lot… and no, we ain’t talking about BOOST!