Kyoto Animation’s Sound! Euphonium: Todeketai Melody compiles the events of the TV anime’s second season. Based on Ayano Takeda’s novel, the anime film debuted in Japan last 30th September. However, it seems that it has one surprising fan singing praises about the film itself. It looks like the anime compilation film has impressed the one and only Makoto Shinkai.


The your name director stated that the film’s script, picture, sound, color, composition, voice acting, and everything else was “splendid”. He said that he hasn’t watched Sound! Euphonium prior to watching this new film, but said that the story was easy to understand. He also stated that he finds the story to be “amazing”, and admitted that he couldn’t tell that the film is a compilation.

Heck, you know KyoAni did a good job if Makoto Freaking Shinkai is singing your film praises! As for the Todeketai Melody film itself, it follows Kitauji High School Concert Band as they finally make it to the Nationals. It contains several scenes from the TV anime’s second season, as well as some new footage. The film also serves as Sound! Euphonium’s second compilation film.