Hiromi Tsuru’s death has rocked the anime industry, and also shocked fans around the world. In her career, she inspired many seiyuu, as well as fans, in her role as Bulma from the Dragon Ball franchise. Now, the official Dragon Ball Super twitter page has released a statement about the late seiyuu. In their tweet, they said that her passing was “too sudden” and is still unbelievable. They also posted a picture of Bulma with her husband, Vegeta, and son, Trunks.

They said that they can’t find words to describe the situation. They also added that she conveyed a lot of courage and kindness when she was still alive. Finally, they offered their thoughts and prayers for her and wished her happiness in the next world. Yeah, that tweet really makes us want the Dragon Balls to be real, huh? I bet Bulma can find all seven in a heartbeat…

And because she had such a long career, several of her younger seiyuu counterparts also took to twitter. These include Hiroki Yasumoto, Yuka Saitou, Minoru Shiraishi, and Aoi Yuuki. They said that they were shocked, and also offered up their thoughts and prayers. Meanwhile, others like Yuki Matsuoka said that they still can’t believe this is happening. Other seiyuu, such as Showtaro Morikubo and Megumi Ogata, also talked about the seiyuu’s sudden passing in their twitter pages.

According to police, they found her unconscious inside her own car along Shuto Expressway in Tokyo. They immediately rushed the seiyuu to the hospital, however, the doctors announced her dead on arrival. Her autopsy report claimed that she passed away due to aortic dissection. Her family will be holding funeral services for the renowned seiyuu, who voiced Bulma in the Dragon Ball franchise. Tsuru’s other roles include Ukyo Kuonji in Ranma 1/2, as well as Sachiko Nishio in Touch, and Asuna Kujo in Maison Ikkoku.

She has voiced a lot of classic anime characters, and her loss is a big blow to the anime industry. We will forever etch her in our memories. We here at WOW Japan send our deepest condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues. May she rest in peace.