Recently, Indonesia is experiencing a surge in the screenings of anime films. However, after one fan tried to record No Game, No Life ZERO, the country’s film distributors took drastic measures. Because of the incident, ODEX and CGV cinemas have postponed screenings of several anime films. This includes the Prisma Illya film, as well as the first Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel film.

In a Facebook post, CGV Cinemas warns anime fans not to record films while inside theatres. They also warned them that this will threaten the release of future anime films in the country. Meanwhile, No Game, No Life Zero’s distributor in Indonesia, Odex Private Limited, also released this statement on Facebook:

ODEX and CGV cinema take this incident very seriously and we are are putting all anime movies scheduled for Indonesia cinema release on hold while we discuss the issue internally for the next course of action.

Titles affected includes all ODEX’s anime movies & unannounced 2018 movies:
• Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
• Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel
• Nanoha Reflections
• Eureka Seven Hi Evolution

So there you have it anime fans, don’t record films inside cinemas. Similar incidents have also happened in Malaysia and Singapore, and these incidences also threaten future anime screenings in those countries.