Looks like Yoshihiro Togashi and Hunter x Hunter ain’t the only “Hiatus King” coming back from a “break”. This is because Young Animal magazine’s latest issue revealed that the other “Hiatus King” is also returning. The magazine announced that Kentaro Miura and Berserk are also coming out of hiatus to resume the dark fantasy manga’s run after a few months.

The magazine previously promised that the manga “will return this winter,” and is making good on that promise. According to the announcement, Berserk will resume its run in the magazine’s next issue, which will hit the stores on 22nd December.

Much like Togashi, Miura has gained a reputation for his long and frequent hiatuses which last for years on end. And much like Togashi, fans find this latest hiatus to be uncharacteristically short, as it only lasted a few months. However, it looks like Miura is returning earlier than Togashi, as the latter will return in January. But then again, fans must have been breathing sighs of relief, as Guts will be back as well!

Image via Earlbox