Many consider South Korea and Japan as the leaders in makeup trends. However, while many apply what they see on TV, they tend not to know that the two countries have different styles. While there are a lot of similarities, there are also several differences. But how do we tell them apart? Korean YouTuber Daiya has put together a video providing a literal side-by-side comparison. On her left side, she uses the Korean makeup style, while she uses the Japanese style on her right.

In her video, the YouTuber points out several subtle differences. The Koreans would often use like orange, red, pink, gold, and brown, while the Japanese like beige, pink coral, and coral orange. She also pointed out that Korean trends favor heavier makeup to accentuate the desired lines, while Japan goes for a simpler, cleaner look. She also pointed out that the Japanese-style eyebrow is thinner than its Korean counterpart.

For the foundations, Koreans favor a matte effect. Meanwhile, the Japanese technique tends to give the skin a shine, particularly on the cheekbone. They also differ on lip cosmetics. The Korean style uses bright, layered reds for a bold, mature allure, while the Japanese style’s pinks work more towards reserved girlish femininity.

However, there is no rule in what you should wear. You could use the Japanese style when in a Kpop event, or use the Korean style while cosplaying an anime character. In the end, what you use is up to you. But sometimes, knowing the difference is also important.

Source: Sora News 24