It’s no secret that Tiger & Bunny is getting a brand new anime series, though fans still don’t know much details. But with the announcement, several more companies have been lining up to get the chance to sponsor a few heroes in the new anime.

The series has already featured various brands, like Amazon, Softbank, Bandai and Pepsi. In fact, the ad placement for the anime’s heroes has been very infamous already. And with that, companies are now lining up to get their logos or products displayed on several heroes. One of them is the corned beef company, Nozaki, who wants to display on Rock Bison’s costume.

Meanwhile, Glue-maker Cemedine wants to sponsor the hero, Sky-High.

An employee at Cycling race ticket seller, Satellite Osaka, also wants to display their logo. However, this time, they want to display on the actual main character himself, Wild Tiger.

Heck, even candle-maker, Kameyama, wants in on the hero sponsorship with Origami Cyclone.

However, some companies want to sponsor, but can’t pick which hero to represent them. One of them is Japanese candy makers, Ukokkei Honpo

There are also lots of other companies which are now looking for ways to sponsor a hero. The list includes:

Kemco (game developer)

Kumamoto Taxi

Crystal Geyser (Bottled Water)

Tenga (Adult Toys maker)

AU (Mobile Network Provider)

Yeah, it looks like everybody is jumping in on the bandwagon, and even a mobile network giant wants to get involved. Hmmmmm… imagine the Wow Japan logo on Barnaby Brooks’ costume, because that would be awesome!

Source: Anime! anime!