Valentine’s Day, also known as Single Awareness Day, is almost upon us. And in Japan, where the occasion is getting bigger each year, convenience store chain, Lawson, is teaming up with Kantai Collection. Specifically, the “Crane Sisters,” Shoukaku and Zuikaku are showing off a new winter design, as well as promoting new Valentine’s Day goodies.

Several magazines are running ads featuring the new campaign, and they also tease what there goodies are. According to the magazines, they include the usual mini wall scrolls and clear files, as well as “clear mascots”. Lawson will also be selling special KanColle-inspired budou jelly for the campaign as well.

And it seems that Lawson will be announcing even more additions soon. As for the campaign itself, they will run it starting 30th January, all the way to Valentine’s Day.

source: 0takomu