From 24th-25th March, the Tokyo Big Sight will be hosting the AnimeJapan 2018 event. This will be the fifth time they are doing so, and now, they are launching some pretty surprising crossovers. Rascal the Raccoon will be teaming up with Kemono Friends, while Sword Art Online gets a collaboration with Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero.

Looks like these two have a theme, with Rascal and Kemono Friends being “animals”, while SAO and Yuuki Yuuna being about… suffering(?). The event will feature several collaboration merchandise between these series. However, they still haven’t revealed what these collaboration merchandise are yet.

Aside from the new collaborations, the staff also unveiled a brand new key visual for the event itself. It features plenty of ongoing and upcoming anime, as well as a few classics.

Source: 0takomu