Card collectors and Trading Card Game (TCG) players would often be up-to-date with the prices of their cards. While some cards are quite cheap, just selling for about 10-20 yen, others sell for hundreds of US dollars. Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering have a ton of these ultra-rare cards, and Yu-Gi-Oh as well. But for the latter, the rarest is worth millions of yen.


The Card Spiral shop in Akihabarafeatured one very peculiar card. It was a rare version of the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, which fuses three Blue Eyes White Dragons. However, what makes this card special is its price tag of 45 million yen.

It seems that Konami only made ONE version of the card, and it’s for the winner of the Asian Yu-Gi-Oh Championship. They also sealed it inside a custom case, as well as coming with a sign board from franchise creator, Kazuki Takahashi.

Twitter user, @saku06s, previously owned the card, and he tried to sell it for 99.9 billion yen back in 2016. However, because nobody wanted to buy it, it has now found its way into Card Spiral with that new price tag. And much like his first attempt, it seems that people are more interested in taking its picture rather than buying it.

Source: 0takomu