To celebrate the new Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card TV anime, Kiddy Land is featuring official Cardcaptor Sakura stores all over Japan. All 39 Kiddy Land stores in Japan will feature the anime, along with an official shop in Tokyo Station. Now, these Kiddy Land Stores will also be selling special merchandise, including a life-size replica of Sakura’s new “Dream Staff,” which the new anime introduced back in Episode 1.

Takara Tomy teamed up with Kiddy Land to produce the replica, which cosplayers can also use. The staff itself measures in at approximately 75.5cm in length, and 35cm in width because of those wings. It also boasts light and sound effects as well. However, be prepared to shell out a bit of money, as it costs about 19.440 yen + tax.

But if that’s too much for you, they’re also offering a special 7.5cm round mirror designed like the “Dream Staff”. Takara Tomy also produced the mirror, and it costs 3,780 yen.

But if you want something to wear, they also have the “Dream Staff necklace”. Much like the mirror, it also costs 3,780 yen.

Finally, they’re also releasing a set of three lip balms with heads shaped like Sakura’s wands. They will release it for 4,860 yen.

Source: Takara Tomy Mall