Anyone who has ever watched Japanese animation has known that anime can have some very emotional moments. However, there are emotional moments that stand above the rest in terms of impact. These moments have been quite iconic even, thrusting a few series into global popularity.

Like many in Japan, Japanese Twitter user @tomoyanandayo really loves anime, as well as drawing. Because of this, he made several “advertisement posters” which highlight some of anime’s most emotional moments. Needless to say that his post and artworks became viral.

“A person only dies when you forget them.”

“When you wish to protect something important, that is when you become stronger.”

 “Someone, somewhere out there is waiting for a hero’s rescue today.”

“Stained hands can be washed clean. Hands tainted with crime will forever remain stained.”

Ace’s Death ranks as one of the saddest moments and One Piece, and the artist truly captures all of its emotions. And while Naruto has had plenty of other more emotional moments, Naruto’s speech to Zabuza also ranks quite high. Meanwhile, Deku’s determination showed All Might what a hero is all about, and is truly one stirring moment. Finally, Edward convincing Winry that exacting revenge on Scar for the death of her parents truly brought tears to many.

Artist @tomoyanandayo also has plenty of other emotional artworks, not just from anime, but a few western live-action shows as well. Hey, he even made one featuring Pop Team Epic and Piko Taro! You can check out his other artworks through his twitter page.

Source: Sora News 24