An athlete’s life is quite harsh, as they have to wake up early to train, all while keeping a balanced diet. As for Olympians, they spend more time honing their craft than anything else. However, one Japanese figure skater who just won Silver at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics may have sacrificed his love life for figure skating and… video games!

image via Kyodo news

Meet Shoma Uno, a Silver Medal-winning Olympic skater from Japan. He recently spoke to Chunichi Shimbun where he said “I’ve been giving it my all in every performance this season”. He also added “In that regard, there was nothing different about the Olympics, and that’s probably why I didn’t feel nervous”. Sounds like a very confident guy, huh?

Legendary Japanese figure skater, Mao Asada, inspired Uno to pursue higher competition in figure skating. She also famously said that one of her goals in entering the sport is “romance”. Naturally, because this was his idol’s goal, the newspaper asked if he shares the same goal. To this, Uno replied:

“Romance, huh? I’ve got my hands full playing video games and skating right now. My interest in games is still growing, and I’d like to try entering a video game tournament.”

Well, he might be great on the ice, but that’s a true gamer’s answer right there. He also said in the interview that “paying for in-game power-ups through microtransactions isn’t a sign of weakness, but simply a method for better performance”. While many might disagree with him on that remark, there’s no denying his love for gaming and figure skating.

SourceChinichi Shimbun via Sora News 24