Monster Hunter World is currently one of the biggest and most talked-about games right now. And one of the franchise’s biggest celebrity fans in Japan seems to be playing the game quite religiously. Former Morning Musume member, Maki Goto, is one big MonHunt superfan and has even appeared in a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd CM back in 2011.

And now with Monster Hunter World out, it seems that she’s playing even more. During a recent Monster Hunter World event, someone asked her accumulative playtime for all the games. Her answer is just about 7,000 hours.

During the interview, she said that “If you put it all together, it’s pretty messed up”. And then, one person off camera asked if it’s about 5,000-6,000 hours. To this, she replied yes. However, a screen caption corrected her, and said that it’s actually over 7,000 hours. Well, if you’re playing something you love, you’d forget how long you were playing too, right? After all, playing an hour of a great game often feels like you’ve just been playing a few minutes.

However, this 7,000 hour-playtime is for all MonHunt games. As for Monster Hunter World, Goto says that she has only played about “Four hundred to five hundred hours”. And yes, that’s still more than a normal person, and like her slip-up, it may be more than that. After all, she has admitted having played a Monster Hunter game for thirty hours straight back in 2013. Now that’s one serious gamer!

Source: Oricon